Eric Brown, Daniel Labrador, Saude, Scotty Scott, Julian Morena, Larry Thomas, Phil Floyd, and Keifer Johnson. (Left to Right)



We are the Bird City Revolutionaries and we play music in and around Atlanta, GA, U.S.A., Earth.

  • Julian “Scotty” Scott – drums, lead vocals
  • Larry “Pocket” Thomas – bass
  • Daniel “D-Lab” Labrador – lead guitar, atmospherics, backing vocals
  • Saude – rhythm guitar, dub effects rack
  • Julian Morena – keyboards, melodica, atmospherics, backing vocals
  • Eric Brown – percussion, sound effects, backing vocals
  • Phil Floyd – saxophone, melodica, pocket flute, miscellaneous wind instruments, bird calls, backing vocals
  • Keifer Johnson – trombone, keys, backing vocals

Bird City was formed in October of 2011 by Julian Scott, Larry Thomas, and Saude. Being veteran band mates with each other in the Atlanta Reggae band I-Tegrity and current members of Atlanta based Psychedelic/Atmospheric Dub band The Ruination, the three were already well acquainted with making music together.  After some writing and jamming, the three decided to enhance the vibe by calling on some old friends.

The 4th addition to the Bird City sound was Daniel Labrador who was a former band mate in the Atlanta Space Age Reggae outfit known as 3052 Dub Collective.

Next to enter the sound-scape was fellow Ruination band mate and keyboardist Julian Morena.

As the band began to explore music influenced by Afro-beat, Afro-funk, Latin, Ethiopian Jazz, and Psychedelic music, the addition of percussion would prove to be a must.   First call was Songwriter and band leader of 3052 Dub Collective “Downtown” Eric Brown. 

 Now with a righteous rhythm section in place, all that was needed was the wind for this bird to take flight. Phil Floyd, band leader of the Church Basement Band and former 3052 band mate, joined the group and without hesitation set the feathers a flame. The latest addition came in the summer of 2016 when Keifer Johnson joined the group.

Hope to see you at one of our shows and remember…KEEP YOUR EYE’S TO THE SKIES