Flight Of The Phoenix – Now Out On BeHip Records!

After what seemed like entirely too long, Bird City’s debut record HAS FINALLY DROPPED! Check out the official album page on the BeHip Records website for more information, session pictures, and links to our downloads on iTunes, Google Play, and Amazon. There’s also a mailing list signup – we’ll trade you a free MP3 for your address 🙂

Flight Of The Phoenix at BeHip Records

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Recorded in January of 2013 at 800 East Studios (BeHip’s ATL home base), the idea behind this record was simple – put all 10 musicians in the same room, add in a few high-quality microphones and one seasoned engineer, press “Record,” and walk away. No post-production trickery, no overdubs, no splicing, no soup for you (we didn’t have lunch!), and no bathroom breaks (well, that last part is not true). What you hear on the record is 100% live, unadulterated Bird City Revolutionaries playing live in a badass room – seven of our choicest instrumental cuts, plus one completely improvised dub jam to cap it off.

Very special thanks to everyone besides the band that made this happen:

  • bass saxophone by Eric Fontaine
  • alto saxophone by Tenda
  • trumpet by Jason Collier
  • video, photography, and guest percussion on Hot Dog Dub by Leonard Thomas
  • production and photography by Christopher Alpiar
  • engineering and mixing by Sean McLeroy
  • mastering by Larry Anthony
  • album art by John Saude